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Favorite Products for a Natural Pregnancy + Baby


March 25, 2019

Our bodies are being constantly exposed to dangerous chemicals including phthalate, parabens, triclosan, flame retardants, and more. Astonishingly, no health studies or pre-market testing are required for the very products we are lathering on our bodies or using in our homes on a daily basis.

This is not only affecting our health, but also the health of our babies who are the most susceptible. These chemicals are passed through the placenta and babies have early exposure, which studies show increase the risk to the fetus. Prenatal exposure to phthalates can cause reproductive organs of male infants to develop abnormally per a study completed at University of Rochester.1 Babies are born with still immature livers and early exposure to these chemicals can have a negative impact on their development. ((Curious to learn more? Read more about my post on chemicals and their impacts on health in this blog post.))

We do our best to reduce the amount of chemicals in our household. We know that it is impossible to remove all exposures, we believe that removing as much as we can as well as supporting the body through a nutritious diet will better equip the body to handle and detoxify these chemicals.

I thought I’d share some of the products I used for a natural and non-toxic pregnancy, labor, and baby. Let me know if you need any product recommendations that you don’t see on the list!

Note: This blog contains affiliate links. This doe snot change the price for you, but I do receive a small cut when you use my referral link. This does not affect my recommendations to you, as these are all products that I personally have purchased and used. See full affiliate disclosure here.

Natural Pregnancy

Belly Oil for stretch mark prevention

Magnesium Spray (directions for DIY)

Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth

Natural Labor

Homeopathy kit for labor

Pads for postpartum

Natural Baby


Swaddler (read about the importance of proper hip alignment when swaddling here)

Babybjorn Cradle and fitted sheet


Spectra S2 breastpump

Silicon baby bottles

Nipple cream

High chair


Baby Carrier – Boba 4gs

Swaddler (read about the importance of proper hip alignment when swaddling here)

Non-toxic chew rings



Earth Mama Baby Wash (unscented)

Cotton muslin washcloths


Andy Pandy Diapers (we use these for the first few days while baby passed meconium, then transition to cloth diapers.)

We use a few different brands of cloth diapers include Grovia, Charlie Banana, and Blueberry Simplex.

Water wipes

Diaper cream

Non-toxic changing Pad

Organic cotton changing pad cover

Laundry detergent


  1. SH, Main KM, Liu F, et al; Study for Future Families Research Team. 2005. Decrease in anogenital distance among male infants with prenatal phthalate exposure. Environ Health Perspect. Aug;113(8):1056-61.

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