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Magnesium Spray


March 25, 2019

Magnesium is one of the most highly used minerals in the body. It acts as a cofactor in more than 300 enzyme reactions. One of the most notable benefits of magnesium is that it is necessary for the relations of muscles, which benefits those with muscle cramps, restless leg, painful period cramps, and more.

Magnesium is also a key in stabilizing blood sugar and involved in insulin sensitivity. For every one molecule of glucose metabolized, the body uses approximately 74 molecules of magnesium. It’s no wonder why so many individuals are deficient in this mineral!

Magnesium also is essential for cardiovascular health, balancing hormones, mood regulation (key for those experiencing anxiety), and highly used in times of increased emotional or physical stress.


1 cup filtered water
1 cup Magnesium flakes
Glass spray bottle


  1. Bring water to a boil in a non-aluminum saucepan.
  2. Turn of the heat and stir in the magnesium flakes until dissolved.
  3. When cool, pour into your spray bottle.

How to Apply

  1. Shake spray bottle before use.
  2. Start with 5 sprays on areas such as your legs, stomach, and back. Avoid areas that you’ve recently shaved (see why below!).
  3. Spray on to the body and lightly rub it in. Although it’s sometimes referred to as “magnesium oil,” it’s actually not an oil. However, it does feels slippery like an oil.
  4. Expect a tingling sensation when you first start using your spray. This tingling sensation will last about 20-30 minutes before it wears off. Typically, the tingling will wear off as you become less deficient.
  5. Gradually to a total of 20-30 sprays per day.
  6. Magnesium oil will loosen your stool. The test to determine your “dosage” is to simply watch your bowel movements. Once your bowel movements turn too loose, back off the magnesium a little.

Note: If DIY is not your thing, you can buy pre-made magnesium spray or magnesium lotion. The lotion is a great option for kids, since the spray can tingle.

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