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My 1:1 nutrition consulting is designed for women who want to address the root causes of their health concerns. Receive a personalized protocol and accountability, all with the support of your very own dietitian. 

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Need a reset? Join my group online program that leads you through a 21-day real food reset. Say goodbye to sugar, processed foods, and other inflammatory foods and say hello to renewed energy, mental clarity, and a newfound love for nourishing foods.

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nutrition curriculum for kids

Interested in teaching your kids about whole foods nutrition but not sure where to start? My nutrition curriculum is designed build up future generations with knowledge and appreciation for wholesome foods. 

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My story began when I found myself frustrated with the one-size-fits-all approaches. I was battling acne and fatigue that would leave me laying on my son's playroom floor, ready for a nap although the day had just began. [insert mom guilt.]

When I sought answers, I was given birth control and other medications to remedy my acne (#spoiler: they didn't work) and was left in worse shape than I began.

But my story doesn't stop there.

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— katy B.

"Amy has helped me learn to listen to my body, understand what it is saying and provide the right nutritional support to heal my body and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We are all so unique - and Amy has the Rosetta Stone to unlocking your body's potential thru proper nutrition.