Growing Up Nourished:
a Nutrition Curriculum for kids

A comprehensive, done-for-you curriculum that fuses holistic nutrition with spiritual wisdom
…and a lot of fun! 

Created by The Holistic Dietitian,
Amy Gonzalez, RD, FNTP

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What’s better, veganism or carnivore?
Should we eat low-fat or full-fat?
Is  coconut oil "in" or "out"?

Your feed is filled with info
that just doesn’t add up:

You want to spend time with your kids, not endlessly researching their nutrition curriculum.

You want them to feel comfortable in the kitchen, not to mention in their own bodies…but you’re not sure how.

And your health struggles make it all feel so overwhelming—some days, exhaustion wins out over your homeschooling plan.

— janie H. (son age 6)

"My son likes to tell people about the protein in his turkey and how it helps him build muscle. I didn't know any of this information at his age, so I'm grateful to be able to share this with him. Thank you Amy, for creating this beautiful program. I plan to repeat it every few years!"

repeatedly ask to start their nutrition lesson because it’s now their favorite subject.  

mastered basic kitchen skills that grew with them into young adulthood.

felt connected to the physical and spiritual aspects of nutrition.

grew up understanding nutrition from the inside out, choosing foods that made them feel their best…and you get to learn right alongside them.

imagine if your kids...

You guide them through a holistic nutrition program made just for 1st through 6th graders that clarifies all the conflicting information and appeals to every learning style.

And extra prep is totally optional!

but above all else...

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Growing Up Nourished: A Nutrition Curriculum for Kids

A comprehensive, done-for-you curriculum that fuses holistic nutrition with spiritual wisdom…and a lot of fun!

I wanted my sons to learn and understand how their body feels when they eat certain foods.

I wanted them to become aware of how they feel during a blood sugar crash after a sugar high, to notice how calm and grounded they feel after eating a balanced meal, to learn how strong their bodies are with the right foods, and to realize how food impacts their energy, mood, brain function, immune system, and even their spiritual relationship with God.

And I saw so many other moms struggling to give their kids a clear picture of nutrition while feeling completely confused themselves.

That’s where Growing Up Nourished comes in.

I worked for years to write a non-dogmatic homeschool curriculum that included all the pieces I wanted for my kids.

Plus, there are so many built-in opportunities to go deeper with optional reading, documentaries, and kitchen activities based on your kids’ interest and your energy levels.

Yep, Growing Up Nourished really has it all!

I am so excited for you to see the difference it makes with your students. I made this with you and your family in mind. And it’s truly been a labor of love.

You’re welcome to contact me with any questions, and I’d love to hear about your nutrition journey!

I understand how frustrating it can be to wade through all of the different nutrition information out there.

It can feel overwhelming and sometimes a little scary…how do you know what’s best for your kids?

And it’s especially hard when you’re dealing with your own health stuff. I get it. My own health concerns led me back to nutrition school—I was already a Registered Dietitian, but I knew there was more to learn.

I just kept thinking: what about the health of my boys? They need guidance, too.

I’m a holistic dietitian, homeschool teacher, and mama to two beautiful boys, Jude and Luke. 

Hey, I'm Amy!

- Amy Gonzalez, The Holistic Dietitian

— Ryan C. (kids ages 4 & 7)

"My boys loved how this curriculum made them an active part of what we're eating. They are extremely picky but this helped them understand how certain foods help specific parts areas of our bodies."

Appreciate cultural differences in diet and nutrition.

Be eager to try new and previously “weird” foods—no more power struggles at the dinner table.

Listen to their body for food cues versus relying on outside sources.

Empathize with those experiencing food insecurity.

After growing up nourished, your child will..

Depend on critical thinking skills to answer complex questions.

Recognize the connection between the scriptures and nourishing their body.

Feel comfortable completing basic kitchen skills.

Know the importance of ancestral diets and traditional practices.

This sounds perfect for my family!

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Grade level keys so you can tailor your teaching according to 1st through 6th grade comprehension.

Critical thinking discussion questions.

Optional activities for every learning style—hands-on nutrition experiments, interactive worksheets, kitchen fun, and journaling—all ranked by grade level so you can choose activities that best resonate with your students.

Vocabulary words introduced at the beginning of each lesson.

Bible verses appropriate for each lesson.

Video, documentary, and reading suggestions.

teacher's guide

what's included?

with word-for-word guidance for each of the 25 lessons, so you and your students are supported through the weekly curriculum.

this guide also features:

Food and mood journal so your students can begin connecting what they eat with how they feel.

Hydration tracking sheet…does your student drink as much water as she thinks she does?

Meal planning templates for healthy, balanced, family-focused meals.

Kid-friendly recipes because food should be delicious and healthy.

Bonus health habit journal.

student workbook

with multiple grade and learning style-appropriate activities.

The workbook also includes:

Kid-Friendly Recipes

with some of our family favorite recipes!

peace of mind.

Your family is learning a balanced nutritional approach, having fun, and living as healthfully as possible! 

25 cumulative lessons

lesson 2:

lesson 3:

lesson 4:

lesson 5:

lesson 6:

lesson 7:

lesson 8:


lesson 9:

lesson 10:

lesson 11:

reading a food label


lesson 12:

lesson 13:

calories and cholesterol

lesson 14:

sugar and artificial sweeteners

lesson 15:

food as medicine

lesson 16:

spices and herbs

building a balanced plate

lesson 17:


lesson 18:

lesson 19:

lesson 20:

lesson 21:

lesson 22:

lesson 23:

lesson 24:

food quality


mindful eating

allergies, sensitivties,
 And intolerances

the evolution of food

the microbiome

food and culture

ditch the food pyramid

food insecurity

food preparation

All food has a story

introducing the macronutrients


lesson 25:



lesson 1:

Why nutrition matters

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— Heather S. (kids ages 12, 8, & 6)

"We loved learning as a family."

— Melissa P. (daughter age 8)

"My daughter learned so much from this curriculum! She struggles with why she needs to do things and this helped her to understand WHY we eat the way we do!"

— Kelly B. (kids ages 6, 9, & 11)

"My kids learned so much the first time through - we might just have to do it again!"

— Kali P. (daughters age 10 & 8)

"You will not find another curriculum on nutrition that is this well developed and fun for the whole family"


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