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Eat Your Liver


August 24, 2016


Liver… it was always one of those foods that I saw my grandmother eat that disgusted me. But as an adult and understanding the abundant health benefits of this organ meat, I now know she was on to something…

Nose to tail mentality. It’s an age-old method of utilizing every aspect of the animal possible. It’s about sustainability and honoring the animal by not letting anything go to waste. Also, we can tap into some of nature’s most healthful “multi-vitamins” when consuming some of these organ meats.

Liver is one of the most nutrient-dense foods being packed with high-quality protein, vitamin A, B vitamins, folate, highly absorbable form of iron, and trace minerals such as copper, zinc, chromium, copper (beef liver, not so much in chicken liver), and molybdenum. And you only need a few ounces a week.. a little goes a long way towards better health! Just make sure you’re getting your liver from a trusted source. You only want to consume organ meats that have been raised on pasture and fed their natural diet. If you’re local to DFW, purchase yours here.

Here are a few tips to getting liver in your diet:
Liver & onions, a classic dish
Liver pate
Liver mousse
Crispy spiced chicken livers
-Hide it: grind it up in a food processor and mix with ground beef to use in any recipe
-Make you own liver pills: freeze tiny pieces of liver and then swallow as you would a pill.
-Take it in pill form* or can be purchased locally here.

Cooking tips:
-If the texture is too tough or too “dense” for you, then try soaking in acid water. This breaks down the liver, making it more palatable. Easiest way is to place your cut up liver in a bowl, barely cover with water and add the juice of a lemon or 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar. Soak for a few hours before cooking, drain, and pat dry.
-It’s super east to overcook liver, causing it to be tough. Instead, cook until there is a slight hint of pink inside and take off heat. The residual heat from the pan will finish the cooking without over-doing it.
-Liver has a distinct and strong flavor that is hard for some to overcome. So add the flavor by cooking in lots of fat (think 1/3 to 1/2 cup per pound of liver) and adding in flavorful ingredients (like bacon.. which makes anything taste good.. or herbs, chilies, etc.) 

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