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[Recipe] How to: Use Chicken Feet in Bone Broth


August 20, 2016

chicken feet

Up the ante by adding chicken feet to your next batch of homemade bone broth. Chicken feet are compromised of entirely bones, tendons, and cartilage, which make your bone broth like broth on steroids. It’ll healing from the inside out.

To add chicken feet to your broth, I recommend peeling them first. Here’s how:

  1. Give the chicken feet a foot bath (Sorry, couldn’t resist), using a brush to clean them thoroughly.

  2. Bring a pot on the stove and bring to low simmer. Toss in the feet and simmer for 10-20 seconds.

  3. After simmering, quickly remove the pot from the stove and set inside sink, running cold water on to the feet. Let water run for a couple minutes.

  4. Grab a chicken foot and start peeling away! For the toes, you can either leave them on or you can trim them off.

  5. You can either make a batch of chicken broth using entirely feet, or you can simply add 3-4 feet to any chicken carcass bone broth.

  6. Enjoy your chicken broth on steroids!

Because of it’s healing properties, bountiful health benefits, and also providing quick a nutrient-dense quick snack option/breakfast component, I often recommend bone broth to my RESTART® participants and my one-on-one clients.

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