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Numbers and Food Don’t Mix


December 6, 2016

stop counting calories

I see a lot of poor relationships with food…and it’s not our fault. We are told that in order to be “fit” and “healthy”, we have to eat a certain diet, stay below X amount of calories, and avoid anything that tastes relatively satisfying.

If you are counting your calories, keeping a tally of the grams of fat you’re eating, are measuring your food, or are labeling certain foods “bad”, you are approaching it ALL WRONG.

The reason we eat should be to nourish our bodies. To give our body the fuel and nutrients it needs to function on a cellular level. If we are eating for any other reason, we’re going about it wrong.

What does the word NOURISH mean to you?

To me, if means feeding our body, heart, and soul. We can do this through several ways, but at the top of the list, I’d include:
–wholesome nutrient-dense diet
–seeking spiritual connection
–emotional well-being

Calories only tell us a portion of the story. To be specific, calories tell us the energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of water through 1 °C. It doesn’t tell us how the food acts in our body. It doesn’t tell us if the food is being digested, how much nutritional “worth” that food has, or how our metabolism is actually utilizing that calorie. So why do we use such a superficial number to determine which food and how much food to put into our body when the focus should be, “what can I put into my body that will nourish it the most at this moment?” This is how we should be looking at food.

What would your life look like if you ate to nourish your body rather than being concerned about calories in versus calories out?

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