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Dry brushing

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June 22, 2018

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The skin is one of our largest organs. And directly beneath, we have a delicate network of lymph nodes, ducts, and vessels. Our lymphatic system is invovled in removal of toxins and waste products and plays a role in delivery of hormones and nutrients. As Ginger Nash, ND, states it here, “All hormones, nutrients, and waste products going to and from the cells must pass through the interstitial or extracellular matrix. If the lymphatic channels cannot remove toxins properly, no hormone, no gene, no enzyme, and no molecule is going to work optimally, and there will be deposition of waste products into the tissues.”

Unlike blood, lymph fluid doesn’t flow on it’s own though. This is why it’s important to get movement in your day, however you can. This stimulates flow, and supports your body’s detoxification and hormonal health!

Benefits include

  • remove dead skin cells
  • cleanse poors
  • improve circulation
  • stimulation of nervous system
  • assist in removal of toxins

Products i use

Natural bristle brush – I like this set because it includes a long handle, short handle brush, and a small one for the face.


Optional add-ons

Beautycounter citrus rosemary body oil
Vibrant Blue Lymph essential oil blend – I apply this one my lymph nodes and along the sides of my neck on either side before brushing.


1. Use a natural bristled brush.

2. Use short and soft brushes in the direction of the heart, starting at the extremities (feet and hands). Be sure to include tummy, back, neck, palms, soles, lymph nodes, face (exercising extra gentleness here!), and ladies, especially targeting breast tissue and lymph nodes under the arms!

3. Brush for 45 seconds to 3 minutes, ideally twice a day.

Other ways to support lymph drainage & detoxification

1. Castor oil packs

2. Rebounding (I have this one)

3. Infared saunas

4. Movement (exercise)

5. Massages

6. Magnesium baths

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