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What is my Definition of a “Healthy diet”?


July 31, 2016

The REAL food plate-- The Holistic Dietitian

Ask around what others view as a “healthy diet” and you’ll receive a wide range of responses…

What do I think constitutes a healthy diet? Hint: it’s NOT the food pyramid or the new fangled MyPlate.

My philosophy is that a healthy diet consists of REAL foods. Foods that are jammed packed of nutrients. Food that is at the most basic, most pure form before they’ve been manipulated by science. This healthy diet is full of properly-raised protein, good quality fats, and carbohydrates mainly in the form of vegetables with a hint of fruit. We are also considering QUALITY when we look at what’s “healthy”. So looking for pasture-raised, grass-fed meats, where the animal is fed their native diet. Choosing organic and non-GMO as much as the budget allows. These are foods our ancestors ate for thousands of years before the food industry capitalized on convenience.

What a healthy diet does not include is highly processed and refined foods. It does not include highly sweetened foods or soy products. It does not include anything labeled “low-fat”. It does not include fake-versions of foods such as Kraft cheese singles nor velveeta. It does not include “nutrient packed” Vitamin water, or Gatorade chalked full of food coloring and additives. Nor vegetable oils, which are so highly processed that they are rancid before they are even opened. Some of these have been processed so much that they are past the point of being classified as a “food”. Our body simply does not recognize these foods and that’s where we get into trouble…

Just eat REAL foods. It’s what our bodies are DESIGNED to thrive.

Now tell me, what are your thoughts on a “healthy diet”?

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