Gratitude and Prayer Journal: a 5-minute daily bullet list journal (physical copy)



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The practice of giving gratitude means showing appreciation for something and having the ability to express it. Gratitude may be one of the most overlooked tools for promoting good health and increasing happiness. Research reveals that gratitude in any form can uplift mood, strengthen relationships, reshape neural pathways in the brain, and have a positive healing effect.

Not only does it help to reframe thoughts from the negative but it also allows helps in reshaping any worry, anxious thoughts, or fears into a prayer. What a power it is to release those worries onto paper and give them up to God! When feeling blue, flip back through previous entries to mark off answered prayers and see how God has been moving in your life.

This Gratitude and Prayer Journal features beautiful pages for you to practice mindfulness with minimal effort. Simply bullet list three gratitudes and three prayers over the course of 365 days and see how it changes your life!

Please note, this is the hard copy version. If you prefer a digital version of this journal, click here.